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We are pleased to report a wonderful start to Nonna’s Supper Club. We have had several Friday night suppers, two Saturdays and even a Sunday late lunch, three 70th birthdays, a Christening and some fun nights. There have been a mix of guests, and parties who have never met before (neither had we!) some private groups and a mix of ages, with some new and old faces. Every supper has been different, but there has been much laughter. Our ‘Italian comfort food’ has been much appreciated, and some have been twice already. The weather has been fantastic - Al fresco under a Yorkshire sun! We have only had to eat in twice, and the one very wet party outside, turned out to be fun and will be remembered for some time!

Some comments have been ‘It’s like eating in Italy’ and ‘we love the interaction with you and Abbi’. We make sure guests can pronounce the Italian names, such as ‘bruschetta’ (brus’ketta) and know the meaning of many dishes, like ‘Caprese’ and no it has nothing to do with goats! Explaining my Tiramisù, which we all know means ‘pick me up’, I very nearly gave away my secret recipe last week!

We have had new menus each time, not always totally Tuscan, but with variations from the Mugello region. I did make some supplì last week, which are Roman favourites (and my son’s). However, they are not to be confused with the Sicilian ‘arancini’. And Abbi was thinking of Puglia when she had to shuck 30 oysters by special request!

I’m sticking to my theory that, ‘if nonna made it that way, why change it’! Although, after making so many ‘gnudi’ I am beginning to wonder if I should use frozen spinach!

We are planning a fish night for September, date to be confirmed, and by special request, a Nonna’s Italian lunch, where those who want to practise their Italian can come and enjoy a three course lunch and chiacchierare!

The photo attached is a painting of the Duomo in Florence, which is now in Nonna’s kitchen. Thank you artist Nicky Jack, a lovely reminder of our time in Florence.

Grazie mille Ciao, a presto Jill & Abbi

Sunday August 15th, 2021